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Mike Edelhart

General Partner

Mike is the General Partner for Ataraxia, a fund management company. Ataraxia currently manages 3 sets of funds: Social Starts, Joyance Partners and Versity Partners. He has a record of overseeing more than 500 early-stage investments since 2012 at Ataraxia. The 10 Ataraxia funds represent $200M AUM, bolstered by a proprietary AI-driven methodology for identifying company of great valuation potential at their earliest stages. Mature funds have produced 4x returns and have held positions in 9 unicorns.

In his four-decade-long career, Mike has traversed technology journalism, product testing, startups, and VC. His journey includes founding tech publications like PC Magazine and PC Week, heading Ziff-Davis's product testing labs, and serving as Ziff-Davis's Executive Vice President. His leadership extends to serving as the CEO of numerous startups and the partner of a multi-stage VC fund, Redleaf. Mike's consulting prowess is sought by prominent names like Bloomberg, Reuters, and AARP. An author of 20+ books, Mike currently hosts the startup-centric podcast, Inception.


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